Wayfaring Boulder -- Nate Infante
Blueline began in the fall of 1979 as an outgrowth of an extension course in English Composition that Alice Wolf Gilborn taught at at North Country Community College. She and her group continued to edit and publish the journal at Blue Mountain Lake for nearly a decade.
In 1989, Alice arranged for the journal to move to SUNY Potsdam where it continue under the editorship of Anthony O. Tyler with an editorial board drawn from the English and Modern Languages departments. In 1999, Rick Henry assumed the role of editor. The original goals--publishing stories and poems about the Adirondacks or other regions similar in spirit--have been maintained. After serving on the ediorial staff for several years, Donald McNutt took on duties of the editor-in-chief of Blueline in 2009.

During the years Blueline has been at Potsdam there have been minor alterations. In 1991 we bowed to the reality that we could only publish one issue a year. In 1987 the journal was first published in a perfect binding; prior to that, two shorter issues were published each year. Our content has gradually broadened to include more work from outside the Adirondacks, although we have kept a coterie of excellent Adirondack writers. Our content is heavily devoted to stories and poems. We have a strong, national subscription base, but are also fortunate to receive support from SUNY Potsdam, which assures that our future will not be precarious.

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